Friday, December 31, 2010

Let me explain...

When revisiting my goals from last year I mentioned that I was no longer using my reusable bags when shopping as the plastic bags had now become our main source of trash bags.

(FYI... I hate using plastic bags as trash bags for the mere fact that they are horrible for the environment, but trash bags are also horrible for the environment right? And if I'm going to use something horrible for the environment it might as well be free... just saying)

When we moved into our new house we had a small cabinet near the kitchen sick which didn't have alot of options as far as how it could be used. We had originally decided to store baking sheets vertically there, but as I was unpacking I had a great idea :) It was just the right size for a small bathroom trashcan. And small bathroom trashcans are just the right size for the plastic bags you get when grocery shopping.

So in my kitchen we have both a small trashcan and a traditional somewhat larger trashcan. We use the larger trashcan for larger things and the smaller trashcan for the majority of our trash. With our garbage can being right out side the kitchen door it works really nicely to use a small bag and immediately take it outside when it is full. This has helped tremendously with the number of garbage bags I have had to buy lately and therefore helping on the road to save money :)

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