Sunday, December 26, 2010

All things new

Just an FYI... this is a lengthy post, but lots have happened in the past few days.

Christmas at our house was great... for a little bit, then sickness set in.

To back up a little bit, Thursday my little one came down with a low grade fever and a feeling of pitifulness. Friday there was more low grade fever and the hope was that Christmas morning she would feel better. And she did. For a little bit.

This was the first year that our little one really got into opening presents. Every time she would open a present she would save "Mama I wuv it". Actually she enjoyed opening presents so much that she opened mine for me and my husband's for him.

Our Christmas tradition usually consists of Christmas at our house, breakfast with my family and Christmas there, and lunch or dinner with the hubs family and Christmas there. This year at my parents house the sickness returned. For quite a while she did nothing but cry. After a while she finally feel asleep only to wake up as we returned home and sleep some more. Four hours later she woke...

As a mom that was kinda scary for me. Even when my little one is sick she doesn't act sick. But this time she could barely stay awake. We considered an ER visit as all other options were closed on Christmas, but praise The Lord, she started feeling better after she woke up.

Christmas afternoon it started snowing and I mean really snowing. Where we live we barely get a dusting every year, but yesterday it started snowing and continued until around lunch today. Here I was torn, we never get this much snow and my little one is to sick to enjoy it. Should I let her play in the snow knowing she might not get this chance again for a while or leave her inside since she wasn't feeling well? We ended up waiting until the Tylenol was making her feel better and took her outside for just a few minutes. She LOVED it. She kept throwing snowballs at us :) We took lots of pictures which I'll have to upload later.

One things about the snow... It was absolutely beautiful!! I am always amazed at just how beautiful God's creation is! Thank you Lord for being such an amazing God and thank you for taking such good care of my little one!

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