Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Goals Revisited

As 2010 winds down and 2011 approaches I thought it would be a good time to look back at how I did on my 2010 goals

1. Complete The Bible in 90 Days study with the ladies over at momstoolbox - Sadly to say this didn't happen. When I would touch base with the other moms about how they were able to get all their reading in on during the day their response was to underline things in your Bible you wanted to come back to and keep going. To be truthful, this isn't how I process things. If I come across something that I don't understand I immediately want to research it. So underlining and coming back to a passage so I could finish an assigned reading was not for me.

2. Use reusable bags when shopping - This went well. I used my reusable shopping bags for the majority of the year. When we moved into our new house I began using plastic bags as they became our main source of trash bags. On a strict budget buying trash bags when you don't have to seems crazy to me.

3. Make my own kitty litter - Check! This actually worked... my cat didn't like it, but it worked. As an update, we had to surrender our cat as he needed to be in a home with no small children.

4. Become better with my cash system - This went well, but I would love to improve where we are at this point. I used the cash system well, but the budget we had set was off and will be changed for the new year.

So there you have it... my 2010 goals. Keep an eye out my new goals will be posted sometime this week :)

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