Friday, January 7, 2011

Saving money on bottled water

In our quest to be frugal I know that we have all heard that tap water is cheaper than bottled water. And it is. But there comes a problem.

Before work I would fill up my reusable water bottle to take with me to lunch, but by 8:00 I had drank my water leaving me to buy a bottle of water for lunch. Not very frugal. And I can't take multi water bottle to work. I got to thinking and came up with a solution.

On Monday mornings I fill up a pitcher with water. This goes to work with me and stays in the workroom frig. Whenever my reusable water bottle needs to be filled I have my water pitcher there saving me from having to buy a bottle.

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If your coming from Life As Mom, I didn't realize it was financial goal week so you get a frugal tip :)

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