Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The craziness that is

Yesterday I took my little one to the doctor. It turns out she has a sinus infection.

In the craziness that is life somehow the doctor prescribed her a medicine that she was allergic to. And even more crazier is that the pharmacy filled it. How was this caught you might ask? Well, after sitting in the drugstore for half and hour I got the prescription only to find as I was leaving that they gave her a medicine she can't have. This prompted a call to the doctors office.

Ok... While I wasn't happy they missed her allergy I completely see how they did it. The way it was explained to me is that our doctor's office just switched over to a new computer system thing. With the old system when someone had an allergy a big red X popped up on the screen. With the new system doctors have to go looking for an allergy and the doctors aren't use to that yet. I don't like, but completely see how it could happen.

Back inside the drugstore I asked the lady to double check her chart to make sure it showed that my little one was allergic to this particular medicine. It did, they just didn't notice it. Thank the Lord I caught it before it I gave it to her. Who know what would have happened if I hadn't caught it.

So another 30 minutes of trying to keep my little one occupied without taking everything off the shelfs and we finally get our correct medicine.

We get home only to for my little one and my husband to start playing. My little one gets to coughing, can't stop, and vomits all over our bed. Yay!

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