Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to life...

I've been a little MIA lately... and for good reason :)

Our preparations for the storm were well worth it! On Sunday night we were blanketed with tons of snow! Between snow and ice we ended up being bound in the house for a week.

It was absolutely wonderful! I took this time to simply be with my family. By the end of the week, many people were ready to be out of their houses and back to what society viewed as being productive. I for one, was not. I loved every second of being stuck in the house with my favorite people.

During the snow storm our neighbors got the chance to come over and let our little ones play. I'm so glad that our little ones are the same age and enjoy playing with one another. I'm also glad that we live so close to such godly people. They are missionaries currently preparing to move to Scotland and I really enjoy spending time with them. You can check out their website here.

Besides playing for most of the day we also spent much time watching movies and eating popcorn. It turns out that my little has inherited my love for popcorn. You see... I use to eat a bag of it every day growing up: EVERY DAY! My little one wanted to as well. We have a popcorn machine where you can watch the popcorn as it pops. Every time she would walk past the cabinet where it is stored she would ask for more pa corn as she calls it.

Also, lots of time was spent sleeping :) When nap time would roll around my little one and I would curl up to watch TV and end up with both of us taking a nap. We did this for an entire week. Needless to say all week long I've been trying not to fall asleep at lunch time.

So... there you have it folks. How we spend an unexpected stay-cation at our house!

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