Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preparing for the worst

Some of you guys remember my posts about being snowed in with a sick little one and not being prepared :)

Well that won't happen again. Today my husband and I are preparing for what is suppose to be the most snow our state has seen in a long time. It's suppose to start snowing tomorrow and we right now they are expecting us to get 6-8 inches. I know that those of you who are from the north are giggling like crazy at me right now, but for us that's a lot.

We heat with electric so right now if the power goes out we're stuck without heat. Thank goodness we have some great friends who let my husband help with chopping up a tree that fell in their yard. As my husband left with some wood our friends were in the process of taking wood by the trucks to local shut ins in the community. - Good people these friends of ours.
Heat: Check

This morning we stocked up on some food we could eat in case we loose power and don't need to be opening the frig. You know... crackers, peanutbutter, applesause hotdogs. That's right. If all else fails we will open the fridge and roast hotdogs over the fire.
Food: Check

We also picked up two different types of fever reducer incase my little one starts a fever. I would hate to be without it if we needed it.
Medicine: Check

Yep, it looks like we have it all covered!

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