Monday, May 24, 2010

Taking time for me

I love teaching! Working with middle schoolers is one of those jobs you either love or you hate: and I love it :)

I also love though, the break that is coming up. This has been an extremely stressful year for me, both personally and professionally. That is why the upcoming break is all the more important to me.

With all that I have going through lately I have taken no time to take care of myself like I should. I am relying all the more on candy bars and soft drinks to get me through the day instead of sleep and nutritious meals.

This summer I am sending my little girl to the sitters two days a week. I stressed over this decision for a long time. Does it make me a horrible mom to send my daughter to a sitter's when I don't really need to?

That's when I realized I DO need to. I am a better mom when I am not stressed. I'm planning on cleaning my house top to bottom those two days a week (those of your who know me know this is a big deal). I'm also planning on reorganizing my house as well as getting some much needed rest. :)

I'll be a much better mom to my little girl when I feel rested and stress free!

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