Thursday, May 27, 2010

Singing and Praying

My little girls new favorite song is Jesus Loves Me. It is absolute precious to hear her sing. She doesn't get all the words, but she has down the melody. She also says the words Jesus and Bible. If your listening to her sing it might go something like this:

Jesus um um um um Bible um um um um ... but completely hummed to the correct tune. And while doing her version of dancing I might add :)

She has also starting folding her hands together when she prays. As we pray she'll sit real still and then when were through she loudly says "A". That's all she can make of the word Amen right now.

What is oh-so-cute-as-a-button is when she combines the two. She'll fold her hands and close her eyes as she sings "Bible um um um". She starting doing this tonight and as we would talk about how much Jesus likes her prayers at the mention of the word pray it would start all over again :)

It's wonderful to see your little one's having a love for Jesus at such an early age. I know that right now she is learning about Jesus and God and I pray that she continues growing in this knowledge all of her days.

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