Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Preacher says it best

I think a lot of of women don't understand the importance of how they dress.

When I met my husband he was completely aware of how women dressed. That's when he introduced me to the book, "Everyman's Battle". After reading this book I became of aware of how important it is for women to be concerned about how they dress. It completely changed my outlook on how important this was.

Yesterday the preacher at our church wrote a wonderful blog about this topic from a christian's man view. He wrote about how young girls are looking to us as role models for how to dress and all to often we lead them down the wrong path, even christian women. (I'll post his link at the bottom of the page).

Dressing modestly brings up lots of heated feelings. I don't feel to dress modestly you must be in a skirt down to the floor (of course if that is your personal conviction then that is what you need to follow). I do however feel it is important for short or skirts to be appropiate lengths and for tops not to be low cut.

Dressing modestly should be something that works for all christian women.

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Here's the link to a Christian Man's view on modesty! Check it out :)


  1. Well put! Modesty is such a touchy subject, women want to be in style. Unfortunatly that is often immodest.

  2. I agree! I actually stumbled upon "Every Man's Battle" in a YWAM cafe in Guatemala one summer. I checked out the book, and was stunned by the descriptive explanations of men and their visual centered minds. I still remember the beginning story of the man in the convertible wrecking because he was eyeing a girl on rollerblades. I had a wise friend in university who always talked about why she dressed (fashionably) modest. Now, being married and having quizzed Husband about it all, it seems so clear. Hopefully the message makes it out to other women (and girls!) too!

  3. Amen! and Amen! I don't have a teenage daughter yet. But I know, because my husband informs me often, that the way women dress has a strong impact on any male over 12 in the near vicinity.

    We made the decision to not let our preschool daughter wear a two piece because when the time comes, we don't want the 23 year old men ogling our 14 year old daughter! Teaching modesty starts very early!

  4. honestly? Do you think so little of our men? Have they not advanced from animals that they can't take responsibility for their actions or restrain their own impulses? really? this makes me so sad. Sorry.

  5. Hi!

    It's not that I think so little of our men... quite the opposite. I have such respect for the role they have been given it makes me sad when women make things harder for them. While I believe they are responsible for their actionsI think it is our job as Christian women to want to help them be successful.