Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've been doing lots of research lately about the various things that are found in our food. Just a word of advice... don't do this research unless your really ready for it. It's kinda scary. Everywhere you look you'll find various things that are put into our food to preserve, to flavor, to color etc... The more research I do, the more I am trying to find a way to feed my family wholesome nutritious meal that aren't loaded with lots of chemicals that shouldn't been eaten.

If you do research on where your meat comes from it's frightening. My family is a big beef eater. There's nothing better than a grilled out hamburger with baked beans :) In my mind I had an idea of cattle being raised on a farm grazing grass until time for butchering, which I imagined was as humane as possible.

Apparently though most beef we eat comes from a farm where cows are fed a diet of corn. Now, keep in mind cows are made to eat grass, not corn! When animals are forced to eat things that are not part of their natural diet imagine all that does to one's system.

(Side note....I didn't plan for this to become a post on the problem of where our food comes from so I'll stop now)

A few weeks ago I discovered a wonderful meat market located in near my house in Georgia.

This meat market only carries grass raised beef with no artificial anything added, and boy does it taste wonderful. I bought some ground beef a few weeks back so I could make hamburgers. As I left the store the checkout lady said she would see me back in a few weeks. She was right. I went back today to take advantage of one of their family packs where you can buy meat in bulk at a cheaper per pound price.

I am so glad that I found a way to provide meat for my family that isn't loaded full of artificial ingredients!

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